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Everyday Natural by Jacqueline Ritz


Everyday Natural: Living A Pure and Simple Life Is Not As Complicated as You Think by Jacqueline Ritz Natural solutions as God intended.

Jacqueline Ritz is the founder of The Paleo Mama blog, an essential oil educator, a DIY guru, and a student of herbal medicine. With thousands of raving social media followers, Ritz has become a popular voice in the modern homesteading movement and a guide for the growing number of people who recognise the need to take control of their health.

Everyday Natural discusses topics such as:

• Eating real food vs. processed

• Dealing with issues of weight

• Homemade body care wonders

• Detoxing the home

• Natural solutions for creating abundance

This book is for the naysayers who think a truly natural lifestyle is impossible to achieve and for those who are tired of living sluggish, burdened, and unhealthy lives. You will be amazed by how closely within your reach this way of living actually is!